3rd Catalys LEADER & Local Development Summer School Programme

3rd Catalys LEADER & Local Development Summer School Programme

3rd Catalys LEADER & Local Development Summer School Programme

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Day 1 –

Optional introductory day for students and others who would like to understand the basics, e.g., anyone new to LEADER, LAGs, new LAG Chairmen and Board members.  It is also for students, farmers and fishermen who wish to find out more about the new EU programmes that support rural and coastal/fishing communities, including the LEADER programme.

The introductory programme will include:

  • Lectures and discussions about LEADER, Fisheries LAGs and EU Rural Development.

evening – reception

Day 2


  • Welcome and introduction – IB
  • Our theme – Energy and rural development
  • How to energise a community – IL
  • Can energy be at the centre of local development – GW 
  • The New policy agenda – The EU’s Rural Development, LEADER and CLLD priorities for 2014-2020 – IB
  • Local Development Strategy development (LDS) – IB / IC
    • what is the difference between a good LDS and one that simply obeys the rules?
    • LDS development – case studies & good practice
  • Discussion – can Croatia and neighbouring countries learn the lessons of LDS development to produce good, relevant strategies, whilst obeying the rules. Can we keep everyone happy? – MM


  • Specific case studies – practical experience of the use of local development in the following areas:
    • community energy – GW
    • fishery development and FLAGs – IL
    • rural and agricultural innovation – IB
    • food as a focus for development; e.g., local food – IB
  • Discussion – what can we learn from these case studies? – GW
  • Learning journeys – presentation by Igor Ilić, winner of the first Catalys travel bursary. Igor will talk about his experience and the benefits of the learning journey


  • Summer school dinner

Day 3


  • Energetic communities – The critical role of animation – IL/IB
    • the absolutely crucial role of the animateur, and why it is usually done badly
    • Film interviews with experienced animateurs
    • Practical animation role play exercise
  • Implementation in Croatia – IC
    • preparing LAGs and farmers for these opportunities, with a focus on Sub-measures 6.3 and 19.1
  • Why does LEADER still exist? – IB
    • Most EU programmes have a significantly shorter lifespan than LEADER, what makes it still relevant now, 25 years after its inception.
    • Case study examples of rural development challenges for which LEADER is a good vehicle
  • Learning about the new CAP – IL
    • we will introduce an online learning tool – Can EU CAP-IT online learning resource


  • Training and education for Rural Development – GW
    • the role of formal and informal learning
  • Transnational opportunities – IB
    • the role of cooperation projects and how to identify a good one.
  • Final Plenary – BM
    • Evaluation and next steps
    • And depart

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