• Catalys Experience

    Catalys can draw on experience from across the EU, particularly from accession states & the UK.  Based on a network of more than 100 practitioners; the Catalys Principal Associates; Catalys can provide teams of very experienced professionals with a wide range of resource-based capacities.  Catalys experts are also very experienced trainers and change management consultants…

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  • The Catalys Approach

    Catalys support is based on the principle that the approach taken to meeting development needs is critical; as a company we believe that “how matters”.  Using the best of public & private sector “know how”, we employ innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, integrating capacity building, skills development and training into our methodologies, in order to ensure…

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  • Company Structure

    Catalys is a dynamic network-based company that is built on the expertise of very experienced practitioners, most of whom have in excess of 20 years relevant experience gained in a wide range of fields, with a strong accent on practical experience.  We primarily work through our 10 core staff and Principal Associates and our network…

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Our Services

  • Governance

    Organisational development and planning – Expertise at all levels and in many different types of institution; Civil Service, Regional and Local government, Regional Development Agencies, Housing providers and the Civil Society sector.

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  • Strategy Development

    We offer strategy development services to a wide range of clients and purposes. Our strengths lie in participative strategy development, engaging delivery teams and stakeholders in the process, thereby ensuring the relevance and demand, as well as understanding and acceptability.

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  • Evaluation

    We provide a wide range of evaluation services. We have substantial experience of mainstream programme evaluation, in addition we are experienced in different forms of Impact Assessment and have developed an innovative approach to Social Return on Investment, with our colleagues at Rose Regeneration.

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  • Training

    We can provide a wide range of training. Our approach to training is participative and engaging and always puts the learner first. There are 20 Catalys core training modules and are adapted to each client’s needs on a project by project basis.  Subjects include Regional Development, Rural Development, Sustainability Monitoring, Communication skills for policy makers…

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  • Capacity Building

    Our approach to all our projects is to build the capacity and confidence of clients to use the project outputs. This is usually an integrated component of all our projects; it can also be the core purpose of the project.

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Our Expertise

  • Economic Development

    Strong capacity in all relevant areas from research and evidence, strategy formation, programming, implementation & communication, with particular strengths in EU Funded programme development, EU Structural Investment Funds (ESIF) Innovation strategy development and labour market analysis.

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  • Regional Development

    Our experts have a wide range of regeneration, regional development policy and practical experience, drawn from EU, accession states and Less Developed Countries. Our experts have a particular expertise in multi-fund environments, community and stakeholder engagement and involvement of the private sector.

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  • Rural Development

    Rural Development is a core strength of the Catalys team, with decades of experience of all levels of rural development, from practical project implementation to advising ministers.  We have designed, run and evaluated rural development programmes and LEADER programmes and have substantial experience of all aspects of Rural Development Programmes.

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  • Sustainability

    We provide Sustainability auditing, organisational strategy and visioning; as well as policy framework development, procedures and processes for delivering more sustainable outcomes.  Our services include technical support for life-cycle project or product impact assessment, carbon foot-printing, carbon accounting, strategy and practical measures for Sustainable Production and Consumption, sustainable procurement and waste management towards establishing a…

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  • Stakeholder Engagement

    Meaningful stakeholder engagement is critical to the success of projects, regardless of size. We promote early stakeholder involvement, to promote understanding and to reduce (uninformed) opposition. Our experience is that projects are improved by such input, contributing to project success and in certain circumstances to Corporate Social Responsibility.

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  • Fisheries

    We have substantial marine and fisheries expertise and experience of fishing community engagement. We have experience of national and local level fishery programmes. Our experts have a strong understanding of the funding and delivery mechanisms for fisheries policy, including EFF/EMFF, CLLD and FLAG development and evaluation.

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  • Tourism

    National, regional and local tourism development strategies, tourism in protected areas, green tourism, events-led tourism and cultural tourism development, destination management planning and marketing

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  • Energy

    Diverse expertise including Carbon reduction, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Hydro-electric installation, Carbon Trading & Energy Efficiency.

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  • Water

    Broad based expertise including both engineering and strategy for water quality, water supply, water and flood management in arid and temperate conditions, including water foot-printing and support.

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Our Clients

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We are constantly evolving our network and always interested in new ideas. If you feel you could contribute and would like to explore the possibilities of working with us as an associate, please use the address above to submit your CV.

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