• Rural Development Training in Bosnia
    Rural Development Training in Bosnia
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    European Policy Information Centre (EPIC) and Catalys consultants held a two-day training seminar in Sarajevo this week for representatives of all ministries responsible for rural development in Bosnia on “strategic planning and harmonisation of agricultural measures.” One of the last steps of this two-year project supported by the British Embassy.

    At the seminar, the participants updated their knowledge, in relation to IPA (Instruments for Pre-Accession) in a further step designed to prepare Bosnia for EU accession.

    One of the participants commented – “with your training, we learnt all about our future obligations for the first time and it has made a deep impression on us.  Still those things we learnt in our earliest training continue to have an effect”


    Britanski konzorcijum konsultanata European Policy information Centre (EPIC) i Catalys je danas u Sarajevu održao seminar za predstavnike svih ministarstva nadležnih za ruralni razvoj na temu “Strateško planiranje i harmonizacija poljoprivrednih mjera”. Ovo je jedna od posljednjih aktivnosti kojom se privodi kraju ovaj dvogodišnji projekat Britanske ambasade.

    Na današnjem seminaru učesnici su saželi sve dosadašnja znanja, te se upoznali sa novim IPA projektom kojim će se ova specijalistička obuka nastaviti. Ovim je napravljen još jedan korak na pripremi BiH za pristup EU.

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  • Dunsany Declaration endorsed by BiH Coops
    Dunsany Declaration endorsed by BiH Coops
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    Catalys were delighted to present the Dunsany Declaration today to the Bosnia & Herzegovina Cooperatives Annual Conference “Cooperatives for Peace and Reconciliation”.   The great news was that the conference endorsed the declaration and the discussion now is how to take the next steps.

    The Declaration has been made by International Cooperatives Association, FAO, ILO, International Committee for Agricultural Organisation, the Plunkett Foundation, amongst others and urges that Cooperatives be seen as an integral element in feeding the world, based on a decade of growth for rural cooperatives.

    The BiH cooperatives Associations took the clear step to endorse the Declaration and representatives from Macedonia and Montenegro also discussed how they could do the same.

    For those who haven’t had the chance to see the declaration before, please use the link above – the declaration gives a good balanced prescription for cooperatives growth and development; highlighting the enabling role of governments along with the need for Cooperatives to take a proactive role in the development process.
    #Dunsany #Plunkett #Catalys

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  • Catalys & Serbian energy & rural professionals @BXL
    Catalys & Serbian energy & rural professionals @BXL
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    Catalys will be in Brussels this week, mainly to accompany our Serbian Rural Development and Energy students on their study tour of the Brussels institutions.  We will also take the opportunity to meet representatives of DG Agri, drop in at Green Week and meet representatives of the Group de Bruges (the EU wide CAP reform Think Tank) to discuss the development of an online course for this interested in the practical relevance of CAP policy in accession and pre-accession environments.

    Anyone interested in this last topic – please let us know.


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