• Catalys nets another Fisheries evaluation
    Catalys nets another Fisheries evaluation
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    We are delighted to announce that Catalys has today been appointed to carry out the evaluation of the Gwynedd and Anglesey Fisheries Local Action Group.

    The aim of the Anglesey and Gwynedd Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) is to support the fishing industry and associated communities in both counties through the delivery of a range of actions and activities. The FLAG is representative of the sectors it supports and has encouraged a bottom up approach in order to develop viable and sustainable projects.

    The FLAG for Anglesey and Gwynedd has aimed to contribute towards achieving this aim by pursuing the following objectives:

    • Adding value to fishery products
    • Encouraging diversification of economic activity
    • Preserving and enhancing the environmental, cultural and social welfare
    • Empowering the local fishing communities.

    Catalys will assess the degree of success to which these aims have been achieved, through an approach that will combine a thorough review of the Group’s processes and projects, along with a programme of engagement with fishermen, coastal communities and others who are involved with the fishery sector and the wider economy.

    The end result will be to provide an assessment of the value which the group has added to Gwynedd and Anglesey’s fishing and coastal communities which will be delivered to the FLAG along with suggestions for the group to consider as they consider their future activities.

    Catalys’ growing experience in this area has previously seen them provide an evaluation of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Group, strategy support to Dumfries and Galloway, as well as the model for implementation of FLAGs in Croatia.  Our bilingual team for this commission consists of experienced fisheries and evaluation professionals.

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  • Diversity means business in outdoor tourism for North Wales & Ireland
    Diversity means business in outdoor tourism for North Wales & Ireland
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    Following the Equality Impact Assessment we undertook for the Ireland-Wales INTERREG Outdoor Tourism Project www.outdoortourism.org, Catalys was asked to design and deliver a suitable training course for outdoor providers and other interested businesses in order for them to become more inclusive and identify new and untapped target markets.  On 24thSeptember 2014, we ran an interactive one-day event at the Glasdir rural development centre in Llanrwst in Snowdonia. Participants included a specialist mountain biking B&B provider from Dolgellau, an activity park near Pwllheli, a surfing instructor from Anglesey and a beach activities business from Colwyn Bay.

    We took them through the basics of discrimination and legislation, identifying issues we’d identified during our earlier assessment work such as the image of sector (predominantly white, young, fit and male), how to move away from the stereotype, e.g. (encouraging older people and others), providing access to suitable equipment and qualified coaches, ensuring bilingualism in private sector businesses, and providing access for those on low income.  Participants were challenged to come up with a simple definition of equality, which would work for them, and asked each to identify a number of key tasks they could perform to improve matters when they got home.

    Businesses made practical suggestions they could take to be more inclusive in their business practices including

    • provision of suitable equality training for all freelance staff,
    • offering adaptive equipment,
    • reducing prices for older people and children,
    • developing courses specifically for women,
    • having other languages on their  websites,
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  • Young People in Local Development – we’re committed!
    Young People in Local Development – we’re committed!
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    Catalys is committed to promoting the role of young people in local development and so it is a great pleasure that Ian Baker was interviewed this week as the “Inspiring person of the week”.   Our commitment to promoting young people includes the proposal to use a proportion of our profits to promote enterprising young people, our support of the new Young Britain initiative and provision of training to young Bosnian graduates in project and strategy development.




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  • Catalys undertaking Impact Assessment for Outdoor Tourism INTERREG project
    Catalys undertaking Impact Assessment for Outdoor Tourism INTERREG project
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    Between now and the end of 2012 Catalys will be undertaking an Equality Impact Assessment for the Ireland/Wales INTERREG project.

    It’s is an exciting project for several reasons, not least the wonderful environment of N Wales and SE Ireland.  We are however particularly interested in bringing together the views of equalities and outdoor activities professionals.  The notion of examining the potential of Outdoor Tourism for its potential to promote inclusion is new and we look forward to some good debates.

    Our colleagues ate STI, Marilyn Larder and Karin Eckhard, have agreed to coordinate their work on sustainability assessment with the equality work, which raises some fascinating opportunities to bring social and environmental issues together.

    We will be consulting representatives of the outdoor sector along with equalities bodies.  If you feel you would like to add to this debate please contact info@catalys.org



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  • Cambrian Mountains – call for ideas
    Cambrian Mountains – call for ideas
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    I’m currently looking at the potential of historic farm buildings for adaptive and viable re-use as part of the Cambrian Mountains Initiative in Mid Wales. Supported by the Prince’s Regeneration Trust, the aim is to identify a range of opportunities to bring some of these properties back into use, possibly as bunkhouses, remote hostels, food and craft outlets and other suitable commercial activities, without compromising their historical integrity. One of the first tasks is to develop a set of criteria against which this potential can be gauged, in terms of planning, access, infrastructure, spatial and financial considerations. Quite a challenge!

    Arwel Jones



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