• Equality Training
    Equality Training
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    Design and delivery of and Equality Training programme aimed at Outdoor Tourism Providers.

    The programme is comprised of the following components:

    • Why equality? Is thinking about equality and inclusion a burden or an opportunity?
    • Introductory session to tee up the issues and introduce the approach to be followed;
    • Elements that challenge the perception that practice is universally good
    • What the sector is good at; opportunities we are missing, pitfalls we discovered, what people think of the sector from “outside”;
    • Business benefits of focusing on inclusion – e.g., markets that are being missed;
    • Market differentiation from an equality perspective – increasing your reach and relevance;
    • Good practice case studies – from within the project area and beyond;
    • Mutual challenge on current practice – interactive sessions on issues of current concern. If there is sufficient interest we can assist introduction of Action Learning methodologies around this issue and establishing Action Learning Sets.



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  • Equality Impact Assessment for Ireland Wales Outdoor Tourism Project
    Equality Impact Assessment for Ireland Wales Outdoor Tourism Project
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    Catalys was commissioned to undertake an Equality Impact Assessment for the INTERREG IVA funded Outdoor Tourism Project. The project involved desk research which revealed that this is a relatively under researched area and would benefit from greater attention. The project also involved consultation with project partners and stakeholders, representing both the providers and users. The project produced an Equality Impact Assessment for the project, an Action Plan for its implementation, as well as a monitoring tool.

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    Download Publications:

    pdf Equality Assessment Outdoor Tourism Project Final Report


    “The primary purpose of the outputs from this study is to inform policy and influence a new approach to equality within the Outdoor Tourism sector. The report will inform the subsequent authorities and agencies involved in providing and promoting outdoor tourism in the Irish and Welsh context.”

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