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Alexandra Plows

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Alex is a social scientist with broad research interests in socio-economic research and analysis, labour market analysis and stakeholder engagement.  At Catalys she delivers targeted research and evaluation, such as a recent evaluation of Ceredigion Council’s “Gwarchod Ni” childcare pilot programme.  She has many years’ experience as an inter- disciplinary mixed methods researcher and analyst, working in “hybrid” teams and partnerships with academic, third, public and private sector partners.  She has specific experience in:


  • Socio economic research and analysis focusing on structural adjustment in regional labour markets and the rural economy, with particular expertise in North and Mid Wales.
  • “Upstream” stakeholder engagement as a tool for enabling ‘best practice’ programme/project design and delivery, through ensuring ‘local knowledge’ is built in from the earliest stages.
  • Social scientific methods for multi- stakeholder identification of the nature and value of “cultural ecosystem services”.


She has written and co-authored a wide range of evaluations, reports, and academic papers, including evaluating the Green Innovation Future Technologies (GIFT) Wales/Ireland INTERREG programme, a paper in the journal Work, Employment and Society on the impact of redundancies at Anglesey Aluminium, and an evaluation of the National Ecosystem Assessment’s “Follow on Programme” of work focusing on the cultural aspects of ecosystem services.


Alex is a part time Research Fellow at Bangor University and Catalys Associate.


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