Dylan Evans

Dylan Evans

Dylan Evans

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Dylan is an independent ecologist, born and raised in Wales and a fluent Welsh speaker.  He has worked in over 20 countries from arctic to equatorial latitudes on projects as diverse as setting up marine national parks in Africa, brokering finance for developing states governments from the world bank, to managing remote high biodiversity island nature reserves. He also once bought a zoo.

His interests remain varied yet have always included fisheries and coastal community ecology and socioeconomics, recently he has focused on marine food supply chain to communities and industry, implementing and delivering several regional initiatives to schools, as well as workshops to the wider public. He is a great advocate of knowing the provenance of food and environmental education initiatives for children. He consults on planning regulations, environmental and social impact assessments as well as statistical analysis and data mining, negotiation and mediation.

His second book went to press in early 2015 detailing the lost work of the eminent German polymath Ernst Haeckel.

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