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Sanela Klarić

Sanela Klarić

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Sanela has more than twelve years experience in working in Bosnia and other countries of the Western Balkans with International Organisations and international working environment, relevant experience in Administration, Procurement and financial management; regional development, programme and project development, environmental and rural policy and research management.

She is very familiar with international development programmes, aims and stakeholders, as well as with the local political scene, monitoring and supervision of project activities; experience in dealing with local government, international public and/or private sector Organization, NGOs, Aid Agency donors and regional organizations; she has a good understanding of post-war and post-socialist transition context, poverty and local development support strategies and reporting.

A qualified architect, she is currently pursuing a PhD in energy efficiency values of traditional architectural forms. Her expertise also includes EU nature-conservation and environment legislation, rural development requirements, EU accession process and practical experience in working with EU institutions.

Sanela is an Assistant Proffesor on International BURCH University in Sarajevo

Her experience includes

  • President and founder of a new CSO – “Green building council – GREEN”, that will promote sustainable development in BiH
  • Project coordinator – European Policy Information Centre, Managing regional and rural development projects, in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Steering board member “Initiative-Green New Deal” Heinrich Böll Stiftung for a region including Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Thematic expert member of the initiative “Citizens for Europe” who facilitate positive dialogue and consultation with government institutions and CSOs representatives to improve the engagement of CSOs in the agriculture and rural development sectors
  • A Member of the organising committee of the annual Green Design Week festival in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Member of the team who designing a project for promoting locally produced wool for building insulation
  • Independent rural and environmental development consultant and advise
  • She has completed a significant number of architecture and interior design projects, with a focus on design for sustainable development and natural material use.
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