CSO focus in diverse 2017 Summer school in Croatia

CSO focus in diverse 2017 Summer school in Croatia

CSO focus in diverse 2017 Summer school in Croatia

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This year we will again be collaborating with EPIC to deliver the summer school.  Catalys’ contribution will be to lead a session on the challenges and lessons regarding the development of CSOs in South East Europe. We will be using our experience from evaluating DG Enlargement’s Civil Society Facility (CSF) programmes in the region, together with programmes run by EC DEAR and DG ENV.

Course Agenda – June 7th – 10th

The summer school pays reference to the seismic changes that have rocked the political and financial establishment in Europe and the United States in recent months. In an emerging age of populism, resurgent nationalism, and ever-growing Euroscepticism, what challenges lie ahead for the future of the European project. The final agenda of the course might be subject to change in order to take on board any latest EU developments. However, we can anticipate that the following topics will be addressed.

  • Brexit and New Models of European Integration
  • Civil Society and the Move towards a West European Model
  • Economic and Monatary Union and the Persistent Debt Crises in Southern Europe
  • Enlargement in the Age of Euroscepticism
  • Migration
  • Energy and EU’s relationship with Russia
  • The Future of Global Trade after TTIP and TTP

The course in not targeted toward one specific sector, and is therefore open to representatives from public administrations, business, law, finance, the media, or non-governmental organisations at national, regional and local level. The course is also suitable for students. The course will take place at the four star Senses Resort (www.senses.hr).

To register your interest, or if you would like more information, please get in touch by sending an email to Andreas Staab at staab@epicseminars.com.
You can also contact us on (+44) 208 444 7970.

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