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Evaluation of The Gwynedd and Anglesey Fisheries Local Action Group


The Gwynedd and Anglesey Fisheries Local Action Group


We produced an evaluation for the Gwynedd and Anglesey Fisheries Local Action Group (GAFLAG), an innovative project that has successfully engaged with and united a diverse and eclectic group of individuals in the fishing sector in pursuit of improving the industry and its presence in the region. This project was implemented in conjunction with rural development agency, Menter Mȏn. The FLAG ran through from 2013 to 2015, followed by the conduction of our evaluation in 2016.

The project was undertaken with an emphasis on completing four overarching objectives: Adding value to fishery products, encouraging diversification of economic activity, preserving and enhancing the environmental, cultural and social welfare and empowering the local fishing communities.


With regard to a number of impedances throughout the process, namely a six month hiatus at the beginning of the project’s proposed implementation date, inspiring frustration from potential beneficiaries and members, as well as the lack of a consistently present project officer, the project wasn’t without its challenges. With this said, the project catalysed strong common networks and new ways of working, all of which will be valuable in its future development.

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