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Our services


We provide a wide range of evaluation services. We have substantial experience of mainstream programme evaluation, in addition we are experienced in different forms of Impact Assessment and have developed an innovative approach to Social Return on Investment, with our colleagues at Rose Regeneration.

Capacity Building

Our approach to all our projects is to build the capacity and confidence of clients to use the project outputs. This is usually an integrated component of all our projects; it can also be the core purpose of the project.

Strategy Development

We offer strategy development services to a wide range of clients and purposes. Our strengths lie in participative strategy development, engaging delivery teams and stakeholders in the process, thereby ensuring the relevance and demand, as well as understanding and acceptability.

Training programmes

We can provide a wide range of training. Our approach to training is participative and engaging and always puts the learner first. There are 20 Catalys core training modules and are adapted to each client’s needs on a project by project basis.  Subjects include Regional Development, Rural Development, Sustainability Monitoring, Communication skills for policy makers and Equality Business Benefits.

Governance reviews

Organisational development and planning – expertise at all levels and in many different types of institution; Civil Service, Regional and Local government, Regional Development Agencies, Housing providers and the Civil Society sector.

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