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Appraisal of the proposed cooperation between Serbia and Sweden on preparations and implementation of the Environmental Approximation Strategy

May 2013

Background – The Government of Serbia adopted the Environmental Approximation Strategy (NEAS) for membership in the EU in March 2012. This strategy will form the basis for accession negotiations in connection with the Chapter 27 (environment).

The Serbian Ministry for Energy, Development and Environmental Protection, MEDEP, (earlier Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning) and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) were considering a two-year cooperation on capacity building for environmental accession negotiations.  SIDA required an external assessment of the proposed cooperation and its proposed areas of focus; i.e., support to development of the Directive Specific Implementation Plans, preparation of position paper and related documentation.


To support Sida in the assessment of the proposal and specifically provide guidance on what issues to address to MEDEP and SEPA during the coming agreement discussions.

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