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Evaluation of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group


Cardigan Bay FLAG 



Evaluation of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (CBFLAG). 


Our longstanding professional relationship with CBFLAG allowed us to meet the unique demands of this project and respond to our client’s specific requirements throughout the entire process.


We implemented a tried and tested methodology when conducting this evaluation for which the tools and survey framework have already been developed. 


In addition to this, our team of consultants used their deep and extensive knowledge of the local area from having undertaken a great number of projects and assignments in mid and north wales. 


The CBFLAG outlined a set of aims they wished to see measured as a result of this evaluation. These included:

  • Attracting young people and creating jobs along all stages of the fisheries supply chain

  • Enhancing and making the best use of the environmental assets the fisheries and aquacultural areas

  • Strengthening the role of fisheries in local development

  • Promoting the social well-being of fisheries and coastal communities



Catalys implemented its methodology to provide an objective assessment of CBFLAGs impacts, processes and outputs. 


We conducted surveys with stakeholders and beneficiaries to get a clear understanding of CBFLAG’s impacts in order to best develop a strategy to best meet the clients’ objectives.


From this, and following the production of an inception report and mid-term report, Catalys was able to produce a stakeholder analysis and a well regarded final evaluation report. 

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