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Building capacity in BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Regeneration

March 2011

This project was designed for building on the successes of the 08 – 09 project and provided targeted assistance in the development of the state level Ministry of Agriculture, in particular building capacity in MOFTER (Sector for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Rural Development – SAFFRD).   It focused on the improvement of National and Entity level strategic planning and implementation for rural development; in order to promote economically balanced rural development across BiH.  It was delivered through a diverse set of outputs; training, policy development, coaching and advisory work.

Staff were mentored so that they better understood the concept of Rural Development and the need to build strong and diverse rural economies. Training Plans are developed and the BiH trainers have developed skills for delivering Rural Development training courses.  Coaching and advisory work was based on the training topics and provided best practice models based on EU Member State experiences.

In addition the project supported the development of the Rural Development Working Group as well as study trips to Hungary and the UK to show best practice in Rural Development in new and old EU Member States.

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