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Cheshire LEADER Local Development Strategy

September 2014

Consultation - contribute to the development of the stakeholder list of individuals and organisations, devise and hold a programme of stakeholder events (taking account of the increased emphasis for the new LEADER programme on jobs and growth), gather project opportunities and ideas, provide an overview of the LEADER approach and the issues linked to its mobilization.

Evidence - collate the evidence arising from the evaluation, capture the main priorities for investment, gather the key messages arising, shape the evidence at sub-authority...

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Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Evaluation

February 2014

A review of the current Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Programme 2008-13: an assessment of the delivery of the current programme to identify: examples of good practice key areas of success, challenges in programme delivery and how they are overcome how challenges have not been overcome and why the impact/difference LEADER funded projects have made reasons for success across themes/geographical area...

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Research, Technological Development & Innovation priorities for the Marches

October 2013

This report was prepared by Catalys and Innovative Futures Research to identify where The Marches should target its support for Smart Specialisation.  The work was commissioned by Shropshire Council on behalf of The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership on 15th August 2013 to assist in developing...

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Equality Training

September 2014

Design and delivery of and Equality Training programme aimed at Outdoor Tourism Providers. The programme is comprised of the following components: Why equality? Is thinking about equality and inclusion a burden or an opportunity? Introductory session to tee up the issues and introduce the approach to be followed; Elements that challenge the perception that practice is universally good What the sector is good at; opportunities we are missing, pitfalls we discovered, what people think of the sector from “outside”; Business benefits of focusing on inclusion – e.g., markets that are being missed...

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Croatia LAG training – LAGs as engines of development in rural areas

December 2013

This project provided programme, materials and lectures for the seminar ‘LAGs as engines of development in rural areas’ for the representatives of 30 LAGs. The seminar programme focussed on the role of LAGs in local development, why policy-makers focus on local development and how each LAG can become its own pole or hub of good practice. The seminar programme included the following thematic fields...

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Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Smart Specialisation Framework

September 2013

This report was prepared by Catalys and Innovative Futures Research (IFR commissioned by Cornwall Council on behalf of the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Local Enterprise Partnership to assist in developing the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Smart Specialisation Framework, The brief requested assistance in completion of Steps 1, 3 and 4 of Guidance for the...

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Cardigan Bay FLAG Evaluation

May 2014

An evaluation of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG).  The FLAG has been supported through the “Animation, Communication and Evaluation Project”, which has an investment value of £108,359 and is funded through the Welsh EFF programme 2007-13. This evaluation will: Provide an objective and evidenced assessment of the FLAG’s outputs, impact and the process of delivery; Use the learning from the evaluation to improve delivery; Build the capacity of staff, FLAG members in relation to review and evaluation; and Review the effectiveness of the Lead Body. Given the client’s requirements and the wider...

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Introducing Community Led Local Development to Croatia’s Fisheries Programmes

May 2013

Catalys was commissioned by UNDP to provide a practical guidance on the introduction of CLLD to the Croatia fisheries programmes; also known as FLAGs. The study included desk research into Croatia’s fisheries sector, comparative analysis, case studies and consultation with national, regional and local stakeholders...

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