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Appraisal of the proposed cooperation between Serbia and Sweden on preparations and implementation of the Environmental Approximation Strategy.

May 2013

Background – The Government of Serbia adopted the Environmental Approximation Strategy (NEAS) for membership in the EU in March 2012. This strategy will form the basis for accession negotiations in connection...

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Rural Development and Energy policy training for public sector staff in Serbia

March 2012

Provided 2 separate courses to support the development of Rural Development and Energy capacity in Serbian institutions: Rural Development – Comprehensive training programme supported by online learning platform delivered to over 100 professionals from state...

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Strategic analysis for Rural Development – Targeting gaps and opportunities

March 2013

Building on the successes of the two previous UK Government funded projects in Bosnia; this project was designed to further improve skills and collaboration among the ministries responsible for rural development (State level, Republic of Srpska, Federation and Brčko District) to ensure delivery of rural developmen...

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Comparison of Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina Rural Development funding absorption

March 2013

Catalys supported the Bosnia & Herzegovina NGO – Green Council – in the the development of a policy paper that identified the pros and cons of establishing a state level Agriculture Ministry. Catalys input focused on a comparison of the relative rates of absorption of IPARD funds...

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Building capacity in BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Regeneration

March 2011

This project was designed for building on the successes of the 08 – 09 project and provided targeted assistance in the development of the state level Ministry of Agriculture, in particular building capacity in MOFTER (Sector for Agriculture, Food, Forestry and Rural Development – SAFFRD).   It focused on the improvement of National and Entity level strategic planning and implementation for rural development; in order to promote economically balanced rural development across BiH.  It was delivered through a diverse set of outputs; training, policy development, coaching and...

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Regional and Rural Development Bosnia & Herzegovina

May 2009

The project provided training and on-going coaching to assist capacity building in the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations; and the wider partnership and improve understanding and delivery of Economic and Social Cohesion policies. The project was designed to build administrative capacity for EU Integration relating to Rural Development and Cohesion policy. All the modules were designed to...

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