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Cardigan Bay FLAG Evaluation

May 2014

An evaluation of the Cardigan Bay Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG).  The FLAG has been supported through the “Animation, Communication and Evaluation Project”, which has an investment value of £108,359 and is funded through the Welsh EFF programme 2007-13.

This evaluation will:

  • Provide an objective and evidenced assessment of the FLAG’s outputs, impact and the process of delivery;

  • Use the learning from the evaluation to improve delivery;

  • Build the capacity of staff, FLAG members in relation to review and evaluation; and

  • Review the effectiveness of the Lead Body.

Given the client’s requirements and the wider context we are proposing a methodology that uses a mix of approaches, so that we can provide a rounded view of the FLAG’s achievements and “tell the story”:

  • Provide a robust picture of outputs and impacts;

  • Provide the opportunity for Stakeholders to share their views

  • Use approaches, such as Social Return on Investment and Partnership self-evaluation to gain the fullest possible picture of the outcomes of the FLAG Project

  • Run workshops with a cross section of stakeholders to ensure that internal and external views of the FLAG are understood and given due weight.

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