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Ceredigion LEADER – Evaluation of the Cynnal y Cardi, Rural Development Plan Axis 4 delivery in Ceredigion

December 2014

To provide an evaluation of the Cynnal y Cardi Axis 4 projects in Ceredigion 2011-13;

  • Enhancing the Quality of Life in Ceredigion

  • Innovative Solutions to Childcare

Cynnal y Cardi, the Local Action Group is a broad based local partnership covering all of rural Ceredigion with responsibility for development and delivery of the above two projects.  Cynnal y Cardi effectively works to the Adfywio Ceredigion Regeneration Partnership (ACR), which has acted as the umbrella body for Axis 3&4.

Ceredigion identified two priority projects. Firstly, a broad based quality of life measure and secondly a project focused on childcare as a key tool in addressing worklessness.  Effectively targeted support for childcare can make a significant contribution to enabling adults, particularly women, to access the employment market.

The project will provide an evaluation Report including key learning points, Forward Look, Case Studies, SROI assessment and Recommendations to inform LEADER  Local Development Strategy 2015-2020.

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