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Final evaluation of the project Development of the in West Balkan and Turkey: giving citizens a voice to influence the environmental process reforms for closer EU integration

August 4, 2018

Client & punto.sud


Catalys was commissioned by to provide an objective and evidenced assessment and evaluation of the network’s outputs, impact and the process of delivery.

The network was established to provide an open and constructive dialogue between environmental NGOs and national authorities in The Western Balkans and Turkey. This involved seeking to offer citizens the platform to influence environmental reforms in the prospective EU integration process.

Working within the framework set by The Civil Society Facility (CSF), developed a strategy to help strengthen the role of civil society in the EU enlargement process.

The evaluation project was composed of a preliminary analysis of relevant documentation and literature. After preparing the research tools and analysis for the evaluation, we conducted field work with all network members and many wider stakeholders across The Western Balkans and Turkey.


In meeting the needs of the client, the evaluation provided the following outputs. It has:

  • Used the learning from the evaluation to inform development of the next stage of the, i.e., a successful application for follow-on support was made based on the findings of the evaluation and the new network commenced operation in 2017;

  • Built capacity of participants and partners in relation to project effectiveness and impact and in evaluation in general; and

  • Reviewed the effectiveness of punto.sud in its administration / management role. has been successful in establishing a platform for capacity building and knowledge sharing which is relevant and effective for those involved in environmental advocacy and engagement of CSOs in the environmental elements of the accession process. Some activities have been targeted directly on Chapter 27 negotiations and where the CSO representatives are already engaged with this process, such as in Serbia, this connection is apparent.

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