Equality Training

October 2014

Design and delivery of and Equality Training programme aimed at Outdoor Tourism Providers.

The programme is comprised of the following components:

  • Why equality? Is thinking about equality and inclusion a burden or an opportunity?

  • Introductory session to tee up the issues and introduce the approach to be followed;

  • Elements that challenge the perception that practice is universally good

  • What the sector is good at; opportunities we are missing, pitfalls we discovered, what people think of the sector from “outside”;

  • Business benefits of focusing on inclusion – e.g., markets that are being missed;

  • Market differentiation from an equality perspective – increasing your reach and relevance;

  • Good practice case studies – from within the project area and beyond;

  • Mutual challenge on current practice – interactive sessions on issues of current concern. If there is sufficient interest we can assist introduction of Action Learning methodologies around this issue and establishing Action Learning Sets.