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Regional and Rural Development Bosnia & Herzegovina

May 2009

The project provided training and on-going coaching to assist capacity building in the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations; and the wider partnership and improve understanding and delivery of Economic and Social Cohesion policies. The project was designed to build administrative capacity for EU Integration relating to Rural Development and Cohesion policy.

All the modules were designed to enhance capacity and were delivered as part of an integrated package including 18 individual training sessions, a programme of professional coaching/advice and study tours. The total package was designed to build and reinforce the knowledge and capacity of the managers and staff to enable them to manage and deliver nationally and internationally funded programmes.

These inputs supported the training modules and helped the Ministry staff to improve their capacity to manage and deliver the programmes and generally strengthen the human resource of the Ministry to handle national and externally funded programmes to assist economic and social cohesion.

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