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Research, Technological Development & Innovation priorities for the Marches

October 2013

This report was prepared by Catalys and Innovative Futures Research to identify where The Marches should target its support for Smart Specialisation.  The work was commissioned by Shropshire Council on behalf of The Marches Local Enterprise Partnership on 15th August 2013 to assist in developing The Marches Smart Specialisation priorities, feeding into the submission to BIS in early October 2013.

 The findings and priorities identified are to be fed into the work to be undertaken by an external consultant who will be assisting in the development of the Marches LEP EU investment Strategy (EIS).

Key activities undertaken included:

Identification of relevant studies and data sources to help build an evidence base towards the EU investment Strategy

  • Analysis of current research and innovation programmes and initiatives including barriers to development and opportunities in relation to their activity, relevance and impact within the Marches, including EU, TSB and other relevant initiatives.

  • Identification of R&I exemplar projects from across the EU that could be replicated in the Marches, including some where private sector investment is used creatively as match for EU funding.

  • Assessment of the relevance of emerging Regional and National strategies and programmes to the Marches LEP and businesses.

  • Undertake a SWOT analysis for the Marches LEP to inform the regional SMART Specialisation (RIS3) Strategy.

  • Develop a selection of priorities including project briefs for each of the priorities to feed into the Marches LEP EU investment Strategy

  • Consider what barriers to development exist for specific interventions and recommend areas of research and feasibility.

  • Undertake engagement with stakeholders.

  • Align identified priorities with the Marches LEP Growth Plan.

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