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Evaluation of South East Europe Sustainable Energy Project (SEESEP) 2012-2016


South-East Europe Sustainable Energy Project (SEESEP)



South-East Europe Sustainable Energy Project (SEESEP), composed of 17 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), is an effort to impact and influence the practices and energy policies of South-East European states (accession and pre-accession). The overall aim of the project is to move energy policy, legislation and practice towards the European Union’s 2020 targets and to enable individual states to also make clear steps towards these targets. The project was conducted in accordance with the Energy Community legal framework and acquis communautaire chapters 15 (Energy) and 27 (Environment).


The evaluation methodology was developed to gather data from all the primary stakeholder groups. 

This evaluation was composed of:

  • Desk analysis of the key information

  • Interviews with 29 interviewees

  • Synthesis of material from the desk review and fieldwork, drawing conclusions, recommendations and lessons learned.



Catalys found that interviewees consistently assigned the highest marks to the success of the energy model. SEESEP has successfully introduced an effective tool to the CSOs of participating states and promoted confidence in its use.


The project has successfully fulfilled all of its intended objectives and hit all milestones both on time and within budget.

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