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Slow Food LIFE Operating Grant 2016 -2017


Slow Food


Catalys were commissioned to oversee the employment of evaluation framework for the Slow Food Operating Grant – LIFE-NGO-SGA-EASME-2016. The evaluation took place throughout 2017 and was composed of workshops, surveys, monitoring and analysis. From this, we observed the findings and consolidated them into a comprehensive report.

The purpose of this was to:

  • Produce an evaluation framework that bases the Intervention Logic on a clear shared Theory of Change which will identify key measurable long-term success indicators.

  • Embed data collection in the monitoring framework for each initiative; ensure that the right questions are being asked from the outset.

  • Use real time monitoring data to identify lessons from delivery during implementation, so that a culture of continuous improvement is established.


All the target outputs of the Operating Grant have been achieved and the intervention has proved beneficial for the organisation. The grant has been used effectively in pursuit of the LIFE / 7th Environmental Action Plan and in terms of supporting Slow Food in its own development.

The evaluation found:

  • Stakeholders recognise that significant improvements have been evident in organisational focus and effectiveness over the period of the OG.

  • The OG has been timely, in that it has been implemented at a time and in a way that it has delivered effective development support for the organisation

  • The Slow Food mission in relation to food culture appears to be well understood. The connections to its wider impacts are less well understood, but do appear to be increasing.

  • A framework has been established for long term monitoring. The surveys commenced at Slow Fish and Cheese form the foundation for a long-term monitoring of the organisation’s effectiveness in advocacy and awareness raising.

  • This is only the start of the process in embedding a culture of continuous improvement within the organisation.

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